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WORK TIME: 9am-7pm
FIND US: Milan and Munich
CONTACT: (+39) 3516789927

THE LINK BETWEEN TECH AND DEVS Bring the right developers to your technology event! START YOUR ONLINE HACKATHON!

Let's start together your next

You’re in the right place to innovate and expand your network


We’ll have your back, taking care of your challenge from A to Z, providing full guidance and technical support for your innovation hackathons/ideathons.


A fully customizable platform that fits your requirements in line with your event guidelines, whether your need to manage thousands of submissions or just a few high-quality projects.


On top of having access to a large Database of highly-skilled professionals in EMEA, we have a dedicated team that will find the best end-users worldwide interested in engaging with your brand.


Create your webinar and generate new leads targeting a clear-cut audience.
Take a look at our Tech Tag series and join our large meetup groups all around Europe.


Turn ideas into ready-to-market products. Our incubation team will work closely with your experts to coach your challenge teams, accelerating the deliverables production process.


Tell us your idea and we’ll convert it into design products that will boost your event’s awareness and reach, relying on our in-house media production skills.

Check out what’s coming your way

Slide Tech Tag Our series of Webinars that connect the best experts in Europe with you!
Technology community
Slide Online Hackathon Check out our latest Online Hackathon we produced with FLIR® Systems! Worldwide Slide Article The perfect guide for you to start an online hackathon and reach developers from home. #stayhome Slide Hackathon The Industrial Hack that will use all the power of IOT and bring it to industries!
Slide Partnership We are happy to announce a partnership with Enterprise Ai Consulting! Artificial intelligence
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Custom solutions for your global events

Worldwide audience outreach, web design, and innovation to escalate your business

Let's build together the right project for your technology

Intel and Microsoft are among the many successful companies that have placed their trust in us to help them showcase their technology to developers all around the world. From a workshop to a Hackathon, from logistics to the reception of your project. Our main mission is to build a strong relationship between the developers and your technology. Let’s build your Hackathon today!

Start a tailored event with us!

Our team of professionals at KDKT will take care of every detail to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Are you looking for participants to build a complete product using your tech/know-how? Want to start building an ecosystem of startups/developers that you can work with? Need to find the best solutions to be implemented in your company? Well, you’re in the right place here.

Any questions? We are here for you.

Contact a member of our team today and get all the info you need. We’re always available to hear your ideas and address any questions you might have. Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you!

Let’s create connections together!

Find the right developers for your technology in EMEA! Learn about our different strategies here.

Your Tech Event is almost here!

Looking to showcase and test your products within the tech market? We have the right tools just give us a call!.

The Thermal App Challenge is here!

The Virtual Thermal Hackathon with teams from all over the world is taking place right now!