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A Link Between Tech and Devs

Our Workshops are a perfect opportunity for developers, designers and mentors to come together, brainstorm and solve problems all while creating innovative solutions to real-life challenges. These events, are a perfect example of invaluable professional development resource for better understanding around Intel’s hardware technology developing tools that will make a difference in your workplace.

We take charge from beginning to end, seeing through your vision from prospect to reality.

The Drill

In 2017 we promoted, produced and hosted 1 to 2-day workshops in order to raise awareness around INTEL’s IoT Technology, bringing together the best in class developers. The KDKT team handled communications, logistics and recruitment for 7 workshop events in 7 European cities with more than 200 participants.

During these events, we explore innovative industry technologies through lecturers and hands-on labs with the focus on the Internet of Things.

A typical Workshop day starts with breakfast and a warm welcome to our registrants in the morning session, continuing with Intel’s presentation of its hardware technology with the use of hands-on labs. This is followed by our alliance partners showcasing their software technology integrating the hardware previously presented. During the last session, our experts and mentors provide guidance to the attendees, answering their questions and providing solutions to specific problems presented in the event.

  • Stockholm
  • Eindhoven
  • Milan
  • Zurich
  • Frankfurt
  • Krakow
  • Istanbul


We at KDKT handle all Logistics for the Workshop events. The goal is to prepare the best in the class environment for developers and experts. This is encompassed by an array of details from things like venue selection, equipment, and catering,  to information about transportation.

Recruiting management is the second component that we handle bringing together the best IoT developers and experts, so Workshops become beneficial for all participants. KDKT organizes Recruitment through conducting extensive research practices including the use of Social Media and Database management.

Finally, we are producing detailed Reporting procedures in every step of the way recording the progress on weekly basis. After the completion of the Workshop, KDKT provides the Final Report that highlights key numbers and milestones concerning the event



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